Monday, 28 April 2008

Collection of Bento Boxes I

One of my friend managed to find these two sets of Bento Box from Daiso and immediately, she grab a set for me since she knew that I am collecting Bento Boxes :) Thank you so much and it's really so nice of her to have me in her shopping list too.... :) (updated: 13 September 2008)

My colleague Rebecca knows that Reyon and I are big Pooh Fans.... so she bought us this 2 tier square lunchbox with handle for us to go for picnic. Thank you pal for your warm thoughts. This lunchbox still come with a attached spoon....... (Updated: 11 September 2008)

Recently I had being making Triangle Shape Onigiri so I thought of getting this cute kids' size Onigiri lunchbox so that we might be able to use it for one of our picnic trip.(updated: 09 September 2008)

These are the collection of bento boxes for Reyon and myself. As you can see, all the Pooh design boxes are definitely belong to Reyon rather than me. Em.....maybe I can consists getting myself a set of the Hello Kitty Lunch Box :)

This is definitely Reyon's most favour Pooh Bento because of the cute POOH Face design. The 1st sight when you look at it, it's almost similar that Pooh himself is smiling at you. And this lunch box has a detachable compartment that you can either divide the box into two or you can use it as it own. You can use this box to put the Pooh Face Shape Bread (or click here to view the bread cutter)that we used to make in another post.

This Hello Kitty Bento box is the same price and size as the above Pooh Lunchbox that Reyon had. It come in the shape of Kitty Head Print and with a extra side compartment inside to divide the food area.

This is my 2nd collection of Pooh Design Bento Box which I bought at a local gift shop. It's consists of two layer container with multi-compartments and a pooh print design bag to put the bento box.

This is Reyon's 1st Pooh Bento box from Aunty Julia get for him especially from Japan when she return during her visit. Until now I still keep it well and didn't actually used it as it's such a treasure for us. Guess when Reyon is older, it will be time for me to take these boxes out to make something really interesting for him to bring to school as lunch or snacks.

When reyon is a crazy about Mickey Mouse cartoon, I also bought a set of this Mickey Shape Bento for him to put snack while going for our usual picnic. This mini bento box consists of 3 different sections where you can use the black mickey face as a bowl for the and the red and white compartment as the main dish portion.

This is one of my favour mini bento set that I used to pack some simple snack to bring to office and share with my colleagues. As it had 3 small compartments, it is just nice for the 3 of us to share our tea-time snacks. You can take a look on one of the sample tea snack that I had prepared for them.

This is also another one of my bento box which consists of two main compartment for rice and main dish. This is a slightly bigger box for adult portion rather than kid. I got this from Daiso which cost only S$2.00. If you are looking for some really cool and economic bento, do go Daiso and take a look, maybe you can find something interesting. Posted by Picasa