Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Steam Bun Vs Pancake

Very excited that I finally got hold of this book from the Public Library near my area after seeing those beautiful bakes from one of my favourite blogger "Happy Homebaking" on her " Fun With Steam Bun" post a few weeks back. I have being searching for this book for quiet sometime before I read from her post that it is available at the Library.

Although I got hold of the book but there is something that I would like to bring out and share. I actually reserved this book online and after collect it from the Library and browse through I was rather shocked that almost more than 10 pages of the feature recipes had been torn out from the book. Immediately I bought the book back to the Library and report on the incident and hope to exchange for another copy. It's rather upset to get a book that you want and yet with so many missing pages. I guess the Library should have some system on tracking those books to stop all these kind of nasty act.

Thank God, I am able to exchange for another book which is in good condition that I can get to read on those recipes that I wish to try on. If you love to make steam bun or bakes, this is one of the book that you might be interest with. You can try to find a copy at the Library near you. This book features a lot of different kind of steam bun, like Bao - 包 and Man Tou - 馒头.

Other than the book above, I also grab hold of this "108 Ways of Making Pancake" by a Japanese Author. I have saw this book on sale at Popular Bookstore but since I can get it from the Library I might as well make good use of this facilities.

You will find a lot of simple and easy pancake recipes that is suitable to do together with your kids. Or you can even find some great gift ideas on making those "cute" gift by using pre-packed pancake flour. No matter what you are look for, there is sure something that interest you :) Posted by Picasa